Jeanette ten Haaf

Jeanette ten Haaf
Ameroever 56, Lage Zwaluwe office@xception.nl

It all comes down to…..

Testing according to TMap®
As a TMap® Certified Test Engineer with over 15 years of experience with testing according to TMap® I am passionate for testing en quality. TMap® provides me a tool box for defining and executing tests. It is a proven method for structured testing.
Scrum / Agile development
Over 5 years of experience working in Scrum / Agile development teams.
ISTQB Foundation
Test Automation
Over the last years I have been involved in projects that implement test automation. Using a diversity of tools, containing TestComplete (JavaScript), Fitnesse and Protractor.Test Automation is more than implementing a Test Tool. It's all about vision! Test Automation should be done on the correct level, according to the Fowler Pyramid.
Risk Based Testing
Risk = impact x likelihood- What is the impact for the business ?- What is the likelihood that there are defects ?I can help you with a Product Risk Analysis (PRA).